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Molecular Basis for Polyketide Ketoreductase–Substrate Interactions.

Zhao S, Ni F,  Qiu T,  Wolff JT,  Tsai SC,  Luo R.

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Structural basis for chain release from the enacyloxin polyketide synthase.
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Molecular basis for interactions between an acyl carrier protein and a ketosynthase.
Milligan JC, Lee DJ, Jackson DR, Schaub AJ, Beld J, Barajas JF, Hale JJ, Luo R, Burkart MD, Tsai SC.

Nat Chem Biol. 2019 Jul;15(7):669-671. 

Computational structural enzymology methodologies for the study and engineering of fatty acid synthases, polyketide synthases and nonribosomal peptide synthetases.
Schaub AJ, Moreno GO, Zhao S, Truong HV, Luo R, Tsai SC.

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The Structural Enzymology of Iterative Aromatic Polyketide Synthases: A Critical Comparison with Fatty Acid Synthases.
Tsai SC

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An Oxetane-Based Polyketide Surrogate To Probe Substrate Binding in a Polyketide Synthase.

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Structural and Functional Studies of the Daunorubicin Priming Ketosynthase DpsC.

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A Direct Synthesis of Highly Substituted π-Rich Aromatic Heterocycles from Oxetanes.

White AR, Kozlowski RA, Tsai SC, Vanderwal CD.

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Polyketide mimetics yield structural and mechanistic insights into product template domain function in nonreducing polyketide synthases

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A crotonyl-CoA reductase-carboxylase independent pathway for assembly of unusual alkylmalonyl-CoA polyketide synthase extender units

Ray L, Valentic TR, Miyazawa T, Withall DM, Song L, Milligan JC, Osada H, Takahashi S, Tsai SC, Challis GL

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Comprehensive Analysis of a Novel Ketoreductase for Pentangular Polyphenol Biosynthesis

Valentic TR, Jackson DR, Brady SF, Tsai SC

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Structural and Biochemical Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions Between the Acyl-Carrier Protein and Product Template Domain

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An unusual intramolecular trans-amidation

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The Alga Ochromonas danica Produces Bromosulfolipids

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Insights Into Complex Oxidation During BE-7585A Biosynthesis: Structural Determination and Analysis of the Polyketide Monooxygenase BexE

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Structural Insights Into Anthranilate Priming During Type II Polyketide Biosynthesis

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Structural and functional analysis of two di-domain aromatase/cyclases from type II polyketide synthases

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Probing the Substrate Specificity and Protein-Protein Interactions of the E. coli Fatty Acid Dehydratase, FabA

Finzel K, Nguyen C, Jackson DR, Gupta A, Tsai SC, Burkart MD

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Comprehensive Structural and Biochemical Analysis of the Terminal Myxalamid Reductase Domain for the Engineered Production of Primary Alcohols

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Modeling linear and cyclic PKS intermediates through Atom Replacement

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Editorial: fungal natural products themed issue

Challis GL, Tsai SC

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Polyketide Synthase: Sequence, Structure, and Function

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Trapping the dynamic acyl carrier protein in fatty acid biosynthesis

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The determinants of activity and specificity in actinorhodin type II polyketide ketoreductase

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Probing the selectivity and protein·protein interactions of a nonreducing fungal polyketide synthase using mechanism-based crosslinkers

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Editorial: structural aspects of biosynthesis themed issue

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Babysitting flavin for biosynthesis

Tsai SC

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Crystal structure and biochemical studies of the trans-acting polyketide enoyl reductase LovC from lovastatin biosynthesis

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Structural and biochemical analyses of regio- and stereospecificities observed in a type II polyketide ketoreductase

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X-ray crystallographic structure of an artificial beta-sheet dimer

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Structure and function of an iterative polyketide synthase thioesterase domain catalyzing Claisen cyclization in aflatoxin biosynthesis

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ACCase 6 is the essential acetyl-CoA carboxylase involved in fatty acid and mycolic acid biosynthesis in mycobacteria

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Biosynthesis of a 3,6-dideoxyhexose: crystallization and X-ray diffraction of CDP-6-deoxy-L-threo-D-glycero-4-hexulose-3-dehydrase (E1) for ascarylose biosynthesis

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Influence relevance voting: an accurate and interpretable virtual high throughput screening method

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